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Max rating DC 24V 10mA resistance load
Contact resistance 500Ω max (including conductor resistance)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ Min(DC 250V)
Withstand voltage AC 250V rms of 1 minute
Operating force 100~400 gr
Stroke 0.2~0.5mm

For the * marked,
it can be designed according to your specification

Panel Design

After one million time of key operations under DC 24V 1mAresistance load conditions,
the above-mentioned requirementshould be satisfied.
Key operating rod (shown on the left) Operating pressure: 500gr.
Solenoid Key 2~5 cycles /sec

Humidity resistance

40° C, 90~95% RH for 96 hours.
Insulation resistance : 10MΩ
Min Other : the above-mentioned
Requirement should be satisfied.

Heat resistance

 70° C, 96 hours. 

Cold resistance

-40° C, 96 hours. 

Temperature cycle 

5 cycle(30 min. at -40° C
anddssand 70° C each per cycle)

The retention force of FPC or FFC differs according to the thickness of 0.10mm~0.50mm
and paste Condition and Sheet metal